Day of the African Child in KupeMuanenguba;

 Students, Pupils, teachers,  jubilate after receiving excellence award, financial assistance.

The celebration of this year’s edition of the Day of the African Child in Nninong-Muebah, Kupe Muanenguba – June 16th, 2024 was marked among other activities by the recognition of the outstanding achievements of some students, pupils and teachers of some schools in the region.

The ceremony jointly organized by the Cameroon Centre for Peace Research and Initiative, CAMPEACI and GSS Nninong was attended by the different schools and their authorities, representatives of the Divisional Delegate of Basic Education in Kupe Muanenguba, Divisional Delegate of Communication in Kupe Muanenguba, traditional authorities, Parents, pupils and students.

This year’s ceremony took place under the theme “Education for all children in Africa; The Time is Now.”

 The beneficiaries all expressed their joy on the initiative to promote quality education through awards and financial assistance.

Mr. Esapa A. Cyrile, CAMPEACI Program and Logistics Officer

Speaking on behalf of the Coordinator of CAMPEACI, Mrs. Abwe Diabe Abwesum, Esapa Cyrile Abwe, the Programs and Logistics Officer offered warm congratulations to the students, pupils and their teachers for the hard work.

” Today is a special moment for the Award winners as it is an opportunity for them to look back on their hard work and take pride in their achievements. It is a special moment for your families and your schools, as they watch you receive one of the prestigious awards available to people of your age. It is also a special moment for quality education in Kupe Muanenguba,” Esapa said.

He lauded the different sons and daughters who have supported the ceremony through their award donations.

These include His Royal Highness the Kiong-Mbah of Nninong, ably represented by the Regent Chief Alex ; His Excellency Cameroon’s Ambassador to Canada, Ngole Ngwese Philip; Dr. Etime Ajie, Inspector Ajang Hilary, Barrister Ndode Ngube Clement, Dr. Samuel Nnah-Ndobe .

Koing-Mbah handing leadership prizes to best teachers and head teachers
Maitre Ndode Nube handing Prizes

CAMPEACI called on government not to relent its efforts to support and promote quality education in Kupe Muanenguba.

“We seize this opportunity to call on government to increase the minimum package allocations to our schools, to avail state-of-the art learning materials, rehabilitate infrastructure and create enabling environment for our children to also participate and compete in a constantly evolving world of change and innovations,” Esapa said.

The Fourth Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations Agenda 2030, calls on stakeholders “to leave no one behind” and “to reach the furthest behind first “.

“Based on this,we call on government and all partners to up the provision of educational support in Nninong and Bangem as a whole,” he reiterated.

Ndoh Princewill, DD Basic Education KMD Representative
Dr. Olive, DD Communication KMD

NDOH Princewill Metuge who represented the KM Divisional delegate of Basic Education lauded the initiative and thanked the organizers for thinking about children in the division.

“ We will like to encourage other elite in Kupe Muanenguba to emulate this type of initiative in other areas in the division,” Metuge said.

It should be noted this is not the first time CAMPEACI and the Abwe Diabe Platform of Excellence is organizing awards to promote quality education.

The Platforms of Excellence is an initiative of Mr. and Mrs. ABWE DIABE aimed at supporting highly performing but needy pupils and students in Cameroon and around the world. The initiative was launched in 2015 in collaboration with the Ministries of Basic Education and Secondary Education in Kupe Muanenguba Division. Since then, more than ten academic institutions notably in Kupe Muanenguba and over 200 individual students in typical rural settings have benefitted from bursaries and scholarships.


By Mesumbe Nelly Ntoh in Bamgem

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