Lightening kills 28 cows in Bali, NW of Cameroon

By Ahone Heidi


 A sudden and severe lightning bolt struck an open pasture on the flanks of Bosa hill in Bali Ngyonga, killing some 28 cows  belonging to a certain Abdul Karim. The incident took place early Sunday 24 June, 2024 taking the villagers in the surrounding by surprise.

The sad incident underscores the dangers posed by thunderstorms in rural areas especially during adverse weather conditions.

Eye witness say the bolt of lightning struck a grazing herd, resulting in immediate casualties, loss of several livestock including 28 cows.

The incident stunned not only the small Bosa community in Bali but the entire nation according to media reports.

 Though the villagers were cautioned against consuming beef from the affected animals to prevent potential health risks, videos streaming on social media showed how the sad incident suddenly transformed into feast for all by the villagers who did not hesitate to slaughter and share the beef.

Farmers in the region, heavily reliant on cattle farming for livelihoods, expressed deep distress over the loss. Efforts are underway to assess the economic impact and provide support to affected families.


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