Disability Awareness Day launched in Kumba 111

  By Ashu Manfred in Kumba


 Activities marking the 2024 edition of Disability Awareness Day have been launched in Mambanda, the headquarters of Kumba 111 Subdivision.

    These activities were launched on Sunday 22 June 2024,  by the president of the Kumba based handicap rights group known as Close The Gap, who also doubles as the Cameroon Country Coordinator of Disability Awareness Day, Ayah Takang Ayuk.  The 2024 edition of the Disability Awareness Day  will be officially celebrated on July 14.


  In his address, the Cameroon Country Coordinator of Disability Awareness Day, Takang Ayah Ayuk said he came to Mambanda with his team, to remind handicap persons of the upcoming celebration of Disability Awareness Day come July 14.  He also informed same that he brought some items to share with them.

  He  advised parents with disable children to send them to school instead of keeping them at home

  “ Education is for everybody, we encouraged parents to ensure their disabled children get the best of education that will guarantee their wellbeing in future like other children,” he said.

The event took place at the Community Based Association for Persons with Disabilities ,Less Privileged IDP and Healthy Services COBASPEDI , where the director Lucy Mbabie, thanked Ayah Takang and his team for visiting her centre. She also highlighted the activities carried out by the centre.

 The inmates of the centre entertained their guests with songs, traditional dances, and other cultural displays.

 Before the event rose, Takang Ayah Ayuk donated a carton of soap, and ten buckets  to  some disable persons in Mambanda

 Disability Awareness Day accordingly  was founded by in Warrington UK, by a British citizen called Dave Thompson

 The 2024 edition of Disability Awareness Day is celebrated under the theme “Accessibility Inspiring Change to stop marginalization “




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