Let’s Plant and Nurture Trees from Our Hearts, WWF Appeals to Stakeholders


By Ahone Heidi



 The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has urged thousands of stakeholders at the International Conference on Afforestation and Reforestation in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, to “plant and nurture trees from their hearts to protect the world’s precious forest ecosystems.”

The conference that runs from July 2 to 5, 2024, according to a press release is presided over by the Republic of Congo’s Minister of Forest Economy, Madam Rosalie Matondo.

 As the first of its kind in the Congo Basin, it aims to amplify support for global afforestation and reforestation efforts. The event offers an opportunity for governments, partners, funders, NGOs, the private sector, and local communities to come together, share insights, and forge partnerships to advance forest conservation and sustainable development, particularly in Africa and the Congo Basin.

In his opening remarks, Laurent Some, Head of Policy and Partnerships for WWF Africa, called on all stakeholders to intensify their efforts to plant and nurture trees and restore degraded ecosystems. He emphasized the importance of providing necessary financial and institutional support to sustain and restore forest ecosystems.

“Just as a man’s life ceases when the heart stops beating, and just as a man’s health suffers when his heart malfunctions, so does the state of our forest cover and ecosystems impact humanity,” Some stated. “This is a call to action for us to take measures to prevent the harm inflicted on our forests and degraded ecosystems due to human activities.”

WWF views the conference as a defining moment for global forest conservation. It coincides with the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR100), a country-led effort to restore 100 million hectares of land in Africa by 2030, and supports the Great Green Wall Initiative, which aims not only to restore 100 million hectares but also to create 10 million jobs by 2030.

In line with these initiatives, WWF is advocating through side events at the conference for increased financial support for afforestation and reforestation in the Congo Basin, promoting sustainable charcoal production to combat deforestation in the DRC, and upholding the ecological impact of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification. WWF believes these three pillars are essential to maintaining healthy forest ecosystems while safeguarding the interests of indigenous people, local communities, the private sector, and regional governments.

WWF’s presence and advocacy at this conference underscore its commitment to leading the effort to preserve one of the world’s most vital and biodiverse ecosystems.

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