Wheat Thriving in Cameroon

Professor Christopher Tankou has successfully demonstrated that wheat can be grown in Cameroon.

As a teacher and researcher at the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences (FASA) of the University of Dschang, he devoted nearly ten years to studying wheat cultivation in the Fongo-Tongo region.

His research paid off: it is now proven that wheat not only grows, but also thrives magnificently on the heights of this area.

This is not the only success.

In Nguetchewé, located in Mayo Moskota of the Far North region, the particularly rich soil conditions also favor the cultivation of wheat by local farmers.

These initiatives show that quality wheat can be produced in quantity on Cameroonian territory.

These promising developments suggest that in the future, Cameroon may well offer quality whole wheat at affordable prices. Such a perspective strengthens our capacity to contribute significantly to national and even global food self-sufficiency.

Cameroonian agriculture proves once again that nothing is impossible.