SUHUCAM provides sustainable water supply to Mulafi I community

Environmental Nonprofit Organization, Support Humanity Cameroon, SUHUCAM under the coordination of Sunday Geofrey, recently constructed a 3000 liters water reservoir and installation of water supplying taps, around a catchment area in the Mulafi I Community, in the Balikumbat Sub-Division of North West Cameroon.
This was made possible through a project to strengthen capacity and promote access to clean drinking water in that community, sponsored by the African Climate Reality Project under the 2023 Impact Adaptation Project.
According to SUHUCAM, this water reservoir will provide sustainable access to safe and clean drinking water to over 200 households, approximately 1000 persons with over 75 percent being women and youths, and about 600 students of Government High School Bamunkumbit.
The organization adds building this reservoir was prompted by a UNICEF report published in December 2022, which highlighted that only 30 percent of rural communities in Cameroon have access to clean drinking water, as a result, water borne diseases like dysentery, typhoid and diarrhea continue to be a major problem to rural communities.
The 3000L reservoir was officially handed over to the Mulafi I community on March 10, 2024, in the presence of local authorities.
The chairperson of the project committee, Nghoni Christopher appreciated the project and assured the organization that the facility will be used sustainably to ensure it serves the future generations. The President of the Mankong Cultural and Development Association (MACUDA), Mr Akisah Peter for his part expressed joy and gratitude on behalf of the entire community. He pledged the continuous support of the population to all development partners and initiatives called on everyone to ensure the sustainable use of the facility.
The difficulties the community faced before this reservoir were not left out as the quarter head, Mangi Moses pointed out.
“I am very happy with this because before we suffered a lot to have clean drinking water. Our wives and daughters mostly would trek for sometimes 3km or more just to get portable water for house hold use. Water is life and as a result, we will no longer suffer from some diseases caused by lack of clean water” he said.
Chofong Christiancia, a beneficiary of the water project did not fail to point out the importance and necessity of the water reservoir especially to the female community of the village who are sometimes the hardest hit when clean water is in short supply. 


“Before we will always fall sick because of the kind of water we drank. We suffered a lot. We thank SUHUCAM and the project sponsors for providing this to us” she added.

The Head of Bamunkumbit Notables, Ndifong Mamboli highlighted the different uses of water to them as a community and how this modern water facility will make life easier for them.
“Without water we cannot cook, drink, maintain good health, personal and community hygiene and sanitation. We are grateful for this” he added.
To ensure sustainability, SUHUCAM placed the facility under the management of the Mulafi I quarter Development Committee, headed by Nghoni Christopher, and the committee will work in collaboration with the Bamunkumbit Water Management Committee, BWMC for all post project maintenance.
The project was launched in November 2023 with awareness raising and the planting of over 50 trees around the catchment area to halt catchment degradation, and ensure long term water recharge, and during the length of the project, capacity building workshops were organized to educate the community on issues of sanitation, hygiene, water purification, conservation and basic catchment maintenance.

By: Fosoh Mercy Ngum