Mbwogmut Clan, Richest, but Most Enclaved in Kupe Muanenguba

Reports say the Mbwogmut geographical area is rich in natural resources . The clan is at the heart of Bakossi National Park, replete with mineral deposits and hot spot for endangered species, waterfalls and medicinal plants.

Mbwogmut, one of the eight clans of Bangem Sub Division, Kupe Muanenguba Division.

It is the richest clan in Bangem Sub Division in terms of natural resources experts say. Mbwogmut Clan has one of the richest forest in the South West Region

The clan has 18 villages and is the most enclaved. They include; Ekanjoh Bajoh, Epenebel – Bajoh, Ekangte – Bajoh, Mbad – Bajoh, Muedimel – Bajoh, Ebase – Bajoh, Deck – Bajoh, Ehang – Bajoh, Mekume – Bajoh, Elambeng – Bajoh, Mbang – Bajoh, Epen – Bajoh, Jandu – Bajoh, Boka – Bajoh, Ekona – Bajoh, Mombo – Bajoh, Tape – Bajoh and Eboko Bajoh.

Unfortunately there is no motorable road within these villages, no electricity and communication network. Portable water can be traced only in four villages.

In terms of natural resources, there is a yet to be exploited gold depot at Esumalong, Epen Bajoh.

Two salt springs have been discovered at Nlende, Epen Bajoh.

Iron ore has been spotted at Ebang in Ekona Bajoh, while a diamond depot has been found at Mekangmuen in Elambeng Bajoh.

In terms of tourism, Mbwogmut is a leading tourist reserve in Kupe Muanenguba Division.

About nine kilometers north of Deck Bajoh is found the mysterious magnetic lake at Njumpunyong. The singing brooks are traced at Ebang in Ekona Bajoh.

There are the Mfele falls at Epen Bajoh, the Wambele falls at Ebang in Ekona Bajoh.

The rarest bird species are grouped in the Mbwogmut lands, like the composer bird found only in Mombo Bajoh, the waterfall visiters at Mbubaji Bajoh .

There is an underground cave at Esante in Ekona Bajoh, that can safely accommodate a population of three hundred people.

There are chimpanzees of all species in the Mbwogmut forest. Monkeys, lions, orangutans, elephants, buffalos, etc are also found in the forest.

River Moungo takes its rise from Boka Bajoh and harbours divers species of fishes.
Rivers Mbue, Ebeh, Wambele, Mombo, Kobe, Ntiang, Mekube, Nlong, Nkumbang, also have different species of fishes.

The clan is the leading cocoa producer in Kupe Muanenguba Division, and one of the highest in the South West Region. Coffee is also produced in Mbwogmut.

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