Nyassoso sons and daughters answered present at 2024 Ngande’zioug

Sons and daughters from Nyassoso, Kupemuanenguba at home and abroad answered present at their 2024 cultural come together code named ‘Ngande’zioug’. The ceremony that was presided over by the DO for Tombel sub- division, Nyam Leonard, took place in two phases March 29-30, 2024 in Nyassoso. The Nyassoso Cultural and Development Association,NYACUDA general come together held under the theme ” reconciliation for peace to build Nyassoso”
According to the DO,Peace is the bedrock of any development endeavor. He called on the newly installed leadership of NYACUDA to work hand in glove with the outgoing executive.
” The out gone executive that was headed by Herbert Ediage did a lot of ground work to drive development in the region. I called on the new executive to copy their example and even do more for the general interest of this community” the DO said.

The assistant mayor of Tombel- Sube, also emphasized on team work to make Nyassoso great again. The rich cultural event was characterized by a march through the town by a caravans led by youths, clerics and traditional rulers all calling for a new development drive to give Nyassoso a befitting image. The Newly installed president called for the participation of everyone towards the community’s development drive. “In every endeavor resources are essential in doing good work work znd no one can do it alone” he said . Developing Nyassoso depends on everyday people to go “hands in” with us and help us to continue the excellent work our brothers have done. “Without this help from our communities, large and small, we simply cannot sufficiently help those in need. That’s why we encourage everyone to take an interest and turn it into action by helping Nyassoso through fundraising we do every year during NYACUDA general assembly “

Raising funds is an excellent way to help make a difference. When you decide to raise funds, it multiplies your impact and increases how much you are making a difference. It also helps to motivate or encourage others to work with you. When community members work together for the common good, it strengthens the community and creates important bonds between community members.” Njume Mpako said. 

Ngalame Franklin, Douala branch NYACUDA President
NYAWIDDA President and vice talking to the Press

Nyassoso Street Projects.

The chiefs expressed satisfaction with the réalisation of streets opening projects that was envisaged last year.”The Nyasoso community is excited to see its street opening project realized. This project was aimed at opening up our town, making it easier for people to get around, and attracting investors and businesses.
We are grateful to the community leaders who have worked hard to make this project a reality. We are also grateful to the people of Nyasoso who have contributed their time and resources to the project.
We are confident that this project will accelerate the development of Nyassoso., says Dr Chief Ebong Salle. Nyassoso Youth Development Association. The Nyassoso Youths had their role to play with messages of peace, love and unity for community development.

” Our regions have been plagued with violent conflict over the years. Today, we are changing the narrative. As youths, we value and respect everyone irrespective of gender, social status, looks, and religion. We are one people” the youth leader said.

The Nyasoso Youth Development Association is tackling development from the roots, that is, uniting the youths and instilling in them a culture of peace and equipping them with conflict management skills, they said.

Nyassoso Wives and Daughters Development Association, NYAWIDDA.

The Nyassoso Wives and Daughters Development Association were very much alive at the cultural Celebration. The President Alobwede Mado Nzelle announced their provision of state of the art grinding machine to help the women in their kitchen activities. Top among their achievements for 2023 was the sponsorship of Nyassoso girl children into GHS Nyassoso. The women have also been involved in the electrification of the community with the provision of solar lamps,lighting up. the streets.