UB Symposium; Senior Barrister Ntoko Justice Drills Law Students on Career Paths and Peace Building

Students of the department of English law in the faculty of laws and political science, University of Buea were drilled at a symposium on professional issues, challenges and perspectives by renowned experts in the profession.
The symposium on Friday April 5, 2024 at the University campus held under the theme” career path of law students and their role in Peace building” Senior Barrister Ntoko Justice Ebah, lead advocate at Limbe based Justice Firm and key note speaker at the event emphasized on the need for students to be intellectually equipped to stand to the challenges in the field after school.
In a paper on career path , Barrister Ntoko notes essentially that a student needs to stand out and achieve great results (sometimes in very difficult circumstances) academically and across other spheres .These results can be used to show their motivation and fit for the legal opportunities as they apply . Intellectual preparedness provide great opportunities for students to develop their commercial awareness, customer facing and other skills over an extended period plus show how they work under pressure. He emphasized on the many opportunities up for grabs for law graduates apart from being lawyers or magistrates.
Law in the Community offer opportunities for students to gain practical experience in the law including legal advice and practice, alternative ways of thinking about the law, research and journalism, advocacy, education, and other projects in conjunction with the Strategic Public Law and Immigration and Asylum Clinics. Student law and bar societies provide opportunities for their members via mooting, advocacy, and client negotiation competitions. It’s also amazing if students interested in a legal career attend court, it’s free and provides insight into the legal system working in practise, he advised. “Many law students aspire to become litigators, representing clients in civil or criminal cases before courts. Litigation requires strong analytical skills, persuasive advocacy, and the ability to navigate complex legal procedures.
Within litigation, specialties such as criminal law, corporate law, family law, and constitutional law offer diverse avenues for law students to pursue based on their interests and aptitudes., ” he explained.
Public interest litigation enables lawyers to advocate for marginalized communities and address systemic injustices through strategic litigation aimed at social reform. Corporate Law and Transactional Practice:  Corporate law appeals to students interested in business, finance, and commercial transactions. Corporate lawyers advise businesses on legal matters, negotiate deals, and ensure compliance with regulations.
Transactional practice involves drafting contracts, negotiating mergers and acquisitions, and providing legal counsel on corporate governance issues. In-house counsel positions offer law students the opportunity to work directly for corporations, providing legal advice on a wide range of issues, the students were told.
Other speakers at the ceremony like Barrister Njistic Stephen Njilla drilled the students on the role of jurists in peace building. He emphasized on the merits of cultivating peace which serves as a vehicle for development. Elaborating on peace,he said there were three categories, spiritual peace ( with God), Rational peace( with others) and emotional peace ( with oneself).
Barrister Abillabi Gilbert represented the head of English law department of University of Buea while Professor Sone Patients represented the dean of the faculty of law and political science at the ceremony.