Bangem Council commits to foster Development

By Mesumbe Nelly

The first ordinary session of the Bangem Council for the 2024 financial year meant to examine and adopt the Administrative, Management and Stores Management Account for the 2024 Financial year, held at the Chambers of the Bangem Council on May 28th 2024,under the auspices of the Senior Divisional Officer for Kupemuanenguba, Mungambo Ekema Williams in his capacity of the supervisory authority.


In his opening remarks, the Mayor for Bangem, Ekungwe Christopher thanked the administration, the dedicated Council staff and councilors as well as the entire population of the Bangem Municipality for their maximum collaboration.

“ With your continuous collaboration the council is committed to foster development for the wellbeing of the municipality,” Mayor Ekungwe said.

 He presented the state of  affairs of the council, despite the ongoing crisis plaguing the two Anglophone Regions and the  drop of the state subsidies to the Council .

The mayor proceeded to present the overall draft accounts in revenue and expenditure.

The figures stood as follows; Budget, 890,200,000fcfa, recurrent revenue,241, 433,056 fcfa, investment revenue, 301,500,000 fcfa, totaling 542,933,056 fcfa. Meanwhile recurrent expenditure stood at 199,812,055fcfa, investment expenditure was 242,348,269fcfa, totaling 442,150, 315 fcfa.

It was disclosed that the council realized a total execution rate of 61%.

 Though the crisis affected the revenue sources of the council for the 2023 financial year under review, the management of Bangem Council was able to make some significant advancement in local collection, as to carry out some projects in the domains of, road infrastructures renovation, street lighting, supply of equipment to the vulnerable and primary schools within the Municipality, just to name these few.

Considering the challenges the mayor called on the different stakeholders to double strides to seek for revenue avenues for the council. Management promised to ensure all avenues for funding to provide amenities for the municipality for the year 2024 will be exploited. Meanwhile councilors and the staff Council were urged to redouble efforts in their various place of work so as to contribute effectively to the development of the municipality.

The Special duty mayor for Mbwogmut, Ekome Mwene Richard, appreciated the call by the mayor for councilors to explore avenues where the council can raise funds.

“ The mayor did well to give councilors this responsibility. Mbwogmut community though remote is very rich in resources. It will be good for the Bangem council to reach out to the different villages for development projects that can yield dividents,” Ekome said.

He pointed that some efforts have been made on the ground to improve on the social and economic needs of the people in the area, citing water project in Elah, renovate the Boko Bajoh health centre and market in Mwedime.

“ We are confident that with the acquired trucks and N-loader, the Bangem Council is going to do many more development projects for the benefit of those in the hinterlands,” he said.

The senior Divisional Officer for Kupemuanengba, Ekema Williams, for his part enjoined the councilor to work for the growth of the municipality and the wellbeing of the population.

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