CAMPEACI /GSS Muebah-Nninong to Commemorate International Day Of The African Child .

The Cameroon Centre for Peace Research and Initiative – CAMPEACI in partnership with GSS Muebah- Nninong will on 16 June2024 join the rest of the world to commemorate the International day of the African Child (DAC) .
The ceremony will take place at The Summa Cum Laude Information And Learning Centre Ekol-Muebah-Nninong On 16th June 2024.
The theme for the Commemoration of DAC 2024 is ” Education For All Children In Africa: The Time Is Now”
According to Esapa Cyrile
Procurement & Logistics Officer, CAMPEACI,
the Day of the African Child reveals their hidden struggles and unyielding spirit
” It is a celebration that sheds light on their rights and well-being,igniting a flame of hope amidst the darkness they face. “

Education, health, protection, and empowerment are beacons of possibility, guiding the way towards a brighter tomorrow. Fueling this transformation are grassroots movements, youth-led initiatives, and international partnerships that unite in a symphony of change, experts say.

This pilot initiative by CAMPEACI concerns eleven schools including GSS Muebah-Nninong, GS Epenebel, GS
Ebonemin, GNS Nkack, GNS Ebonemin, GS Muanenguba, and GS Muebah ,GS Muaku, GS
Elum, GNS Muaku, CNS Elum.

Highlights of the Day will include an inaugural lecture on Day of African
Child by the Divisional Delegate of Basic Education KMD, Excellence Awards to meritorious pupils and
students, cultural activities by pupils and students including Ballet Dance and rhymes by GNS children and a
community meal. According to CAMPEACI the ceremony will be a highly integrated participatory approach, blending speeches, PowerPoint
presentations by experts, sketches, focus group discussions, quizzes dances and recitations by
students, pupils, educational authorities, and community leaders.

The initiative creates an opportuned moment to highlight the challenges faced by children in this community that
is just emerging from a devastating armed conflict and identify specific measures that could lead to sustainable
ways of improving access to quality education for children in this community as an inalienable Human right, the organizers say.

CAMPEACI ensures quality education for children

Witness the transformative power of art and creative expression, transcending barriers to empower African children’s voices. But it is the symphony of global solidarity and collective action that truly holds the key to a better future.
” Working together with the local community we can unlock the doors of opportunity and create a world where every African child can flourish” Cyril Esapa says.
It should be noted that the Cameroon Centre for Peace Research and Initiative – CAMPEACI is a nonprofit and charitable organization which seeks to provide a platform for youth exchange to deepen their understanding in different thematic areas especially “peace” in the Cameroon context and citizen participation, and human rights in the global context.
” Our work focuses on the development of capacities and empowerment of young people to be instruments of peace in a rapidly growing terrain of insecurity,”

The Day of the African Child embodies the extraordinary power of resilience, a force that fuels the spirit of this special celebration. It serves as a poignant reminder of the remarkable strength and unwavering determination displayed by African children in the face of adversity.

By Mesumbe Nelly in Bangem

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