Cameroon Security intensifies hunt for Youths supporting SCNC

By Nelly Ntoh in Kumba


The search by security forces for supporters of Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC), a movement with separatist agenda in CAMEROON has intensified with youths being the prime target.

Human rights report say Cameroon Anglophone youths are increasingly leaving the country for their safety as they have become prime targets by security forces in the wake of the ongoing Anglophone Crisis in the Northwest and Southwest of Cameroon. Government forces have intensified their hunt for leaders and supporters of SCNC in the two regions as well as those suspected of youths who are supporting the Anglophone separatist cause.

 This crackdown of mostly youths reflects escalating tensions between government security forces and Anglophone youths fighting for Ambazonia liberation, a prominent organization within the Anglophone movements advocating for self-determination.

Derick Metuge Mebune, member of SCNC in the Southwest region is among several youths on the run for fear of security clamp down.

Eco OUTLOOK gathered that Metuge Derick, a young business operator who is married with two kids has severally been arrested and detained by security forces because of his SCNC activities.

According to information gathered, Metuge Derick was first accused by the Cameroon military of conniving with Anglophone separatists fighters after he was arrested with other youths during security raid on the eve of Southern Cameroons independence day, 30th September 2023 in Kumba, Southwest region.

He was later release on bail OCTOBER 10 by the family.

According to eye witnesses, another military raid took place in Kumba on May 8, 21024 while the country was preparing for the National Day celebrations of 20th May, 2024. Many suspected youths were arrested and are wailing in agony in detentions cells.

Derick Metuge and some youths however managed to escape.

Family sources say his residence was ransacked and his wife threatened to disclose his where about.

The Press gathered that the security is still in search of these youths who managed to escape.

Like many other Anglophone youths hunted by security forces, it is highly believed Derick Metuge finally escaped out of the country for his safety, Eco OUTLOOK  gathered.

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