CCREAD- Cameroon lights up villages in Mbwogmut.

CCREAD- Cameroon has just completed a solar electrification project in four communities in the Mbwogmut – Bangem of the Southwest region.
The development oriented NGO has been working tooth and nail to alleviate poverty among grassroots communities in the Southwest in general and Kupemuanenguba in general. This time around their project focused on renewable energy in the villages of MbangWe want to thank the chiefs, ,Muandelegon-Mualong. The CEO Dr Hilary Ewang Ngide thanked the cooperation of village councilors, and everyone who supported towards the réalisation of the project. It involves installing solar lamps to that is now lighting these villages of Mbang and Muandelegon-Mualong communities . It was all excitement and appreciation by the villagers who can now say ” goodbye to darkness”.

It should be noted that CCREAD-Cameroon is a nonprofit organization active in Cameroon since 2006 in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of community driven programs and projects aimed at fostering the social and economic empowerment of marginalized and disadvantaged children.
It’s has been carrying out training and Empowerment of youths , women and other less privilege and vulnerable people in society with skills for self employment.

By Élias Ngalame

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