New Farming Season

Hon. Mbongnyor Naomi Ngando Provides for Farmers in her Constituents

In a move to support agricultural development and enhance food security in her constituency, Hon. Mbongnyor Naomi Ngando, the esteemed Member of Parliament for Donga Mantung Central constituency, has generously donated 5 tons of improved maize seeds to local farmers.

With the arrival of the rainy season signaling the onset of the planting season, Hon. Mbongnyor Naomi Ngando reaffirmed her commitment to bolstering agricultural productivity by distributing essential farm inputs. Speaking on Friday, March 29, she underscored the significance of empowering farmers with high-quality seeds to optimize yields and ensure food sufficiency in the region.

“The coming of the rains marks the beginning of the planting season. Distribution of farm inputs continued this Friday, March 29, with improved maize seeds. A total of 5 tonnes were given out to the farming population,” stated Hon. Mbongnyor Naomi Ngando.

The donation of these improved maize seeds represents a tangible investment in the prosperity and well-being of the farming community. Hon. Mbongnyor Naomi Ngando expressed her optimism that the recipients would witness a notable increase in their harvest, thereby fostering economic growth and resilience within the constituency.

The initiative spearheaded by Hon. Mbongnyor Naomi Ngando reflects her unwavering dedication to addressing the needs of her constituents and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. By equipping farmers with vital resources, she aims to empower them to thrive in their agricultural endeavors and contribute to the overall development of Donga Mantung Central constituency.

This noble gesture serves as a testament to Hon. Mbongnyor Naomi Ngando’s exemplary leadership and her steadfast commitment to fostering socio-economic progress in the region. As the farming community embarks on the planting season with renewed optimism, the impact of this donation is poised to resonate positively throughout Donga Mantung Central constituency.

In light of Hon. Mbongnyor Naomi Ngando’s benevolent contribution, the farming community extends its heartfelt gratitude for her unwavering support and advocacy on behalf of their interests. With her visionary leadership and proactive initiatives, the future of agriculture in Donga Mantung Central constituency is indeed promising.

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