Parliamentary and Council Elections postponed to 2026;

Extension by 1 year of the mandate of MPs and Councilors?

  Only Presidential elections will apparently take place in 2025.  While waiting for the official announcement on the actual date of the much expected elections, its now likely the council and legislative elections will not precede the Presidential as expected.  Report say a decision of 5th Friday July 2024 at the 10th ordinary session of the National Assembly bureau has postponed the legislative and council elections expected in 2025 before presidential elections to 2026.

This decision extends the mandate of the current MPs and Councilors by one year.

This apparent calculated political maneuver by the ruling CPDM party was rightly predicted by the President of PCRN Cabral Libii in an outing July 3, 2024.

Observers say this unexpected shift in the elections calendar is evidently geared at avoiding show of strength of some Frontline opposition parties.

Opposition political parties have of recent criticized the ruling CPDM of clear manifest of fear as indicated by the outburst of some CPDM Front liners. Cabral Libii of PCRN, Maurice Kamto of RMC and Hon Nintcheu have all indicated in recent releases that there were clear signs of panic by the ruling party CPDM following recent outburst by some party Front liners.

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