The Gendarmerie Legion in the West region has convoked some major opposition political figures, namely Maurice Kamto , Albert Nzongang and André Marie Tassa of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement. MRC party.

The summons has since aroused keen interest among the public, particularly as the documents have been trending on social media since issued on July 8, 2024.

The documents did not however specify the exact reasons for the summons, leaving room for much speculations.

Eco Outlook however gathered the summons emanates from a Complaint filed by a certain Noumba Joseph.

According to a well-informed source, this summons stems from a complaint filed by Noumba Joseph , a former militant of MRC .

Noumba Joseph according to our source claims to have spent not less than 80 million FCFA in the West region to support the MRC.

“He is asking the MRC to reimburse him the 80 million,” our informant specifies.

It is expected that the accused Albert Nzongang, André Marie Tassa and Maurice Kamto will have to clarify on the allegations made by Noumba Joseph at the West gendarmerie Legion.

 It should be noted that this summons comes at a time when the government is maneuvering to put the accused political leader and team out of the 2025 Presidential election race and when each movement of the MRC is closely scrutinized by the authorities in power and political observers.

The MRC accordingly has often denounced maneuvers by the ruling CPDM aimed at destabilizing the party.

In a press conference last week Kamto criticized the utterances of the Minister of territorial administration, Paul Atanga Nji, denouncing the misinterpretation of the electoral law by the ruling CPDM party.

“ The MRC party respects the law of the country and shall go ahead in readiness for all envisaged elections in accordance with the code,” Kamto said.

Some observers view the new summons as yet another attempt to weaken party, or as a legitimate response to unresolved internal grievances.

The public expects Maurice Kamto and his companions to clarify their position in the face of these accusations in the days ahead.

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