Fuel tanker Explodes in Yaounde, burns down houses, other property.

 A tanker truck carrying fuel overturned and exploded in Efoulan,Yaounde, severely burning down over five houses and destroying property.

The tanker truck belonging to Nikel Oil company is said to have overturned at Efoulan roundabout yesterday July 8, 2024.  The explosion that followed caused heavy fire which spread in the neighborhood, burning houses and business premises.

Reports say no lives were loss in the unfortunate incident as the population watched helplessly from a distance.

However it triggered panic and disrupted traffic for hours.

It should be noted this is not the first time such fuel explosion accident is occurring in Yaounde.

The Efoulan accident once again reminds of the deadly fuel fire incident in Nsam 30 years ago.

In 1998, around 200 people were killed when a train carrying fuel crashed near the capital Yaounde, attracting many nearby residents who were caught by fire as they tried to salvage the fuel.

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